Management Commitee

The management committee members are drawn from a cross-section of prominent figures from the public and private sectors of the Indian community. Besides overseeing policies and strategies for the development and promotion of the religious events, members advise on the planning and operation of the Sri Mariamman Temple, major projects and schemes.

The composition of the present committee, whose tenure runs from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021, is given below.

Chairman Mr Lakshmanan s/o Seenivasakan
Vice Chairman Mr Ramachandra Hegde
Secretary Mr Kathirasan s/o P Shanmugam
Finance Member Mr Bobba Srinivas

Mr Kannappan Muthuganapathy
Mr Kanayan Manogaran
Mr Elango s/o Athiramulahi Letchumanan
Mr Annamalai Saravanan
Mr Murugaian Ravikumar
Mr Vjayvarmman s/o Gnanasekaran
Mr R Chandra Segaran
Ms Jayanthi d/o Ponnasamy Manian


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